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10 things you SHOULD do when meeting your with your lawyer!

1. BE PREPARED. Bring any and all paperwork, documents, records, pictures, evidence, etc. with you. Nothing is worse than having a new client say, “OH! I have that but I left it at home.”

2. ASK QUESTIONS. Thats what the lawyers are there for. If you aren’t sure about something ask for an explanation.

3. LISTEN! The lawyer is the expert, thats why you are meeting with him or her. If you interrupt them to tell them more things, you distract them and you truly listen to the answers.

4. BE SHORT AND CLEAR. It is not typically necessary for the lawyer to hear a two hour story about all the details and things that are at issue. Try and focus on the major issues and what youexpect to accomplish.

5. FOCUS. Its always easy to be distracted when you have been living with an issue for months and sometimes even years. Stay focused to make sure there is as little confusion as possible.

6. BE ON TIME. Especially if the lawyer is providing free consultations. If you are late, it may force others to wait for thier chance to get help on thier cases.

7. BE PATIENT. Again, especially if the lawyer is providing free consultations. We know client time is valuable also, but sometimes our efforts to help all of our clients cause us to run over. See, BE PREPARED above.

8. BE COURTEOUS. If you can’t make your appointment as scheduled, call ahead and let the lawyer know. This allows them to focus on other work or helping other clients.

9. READ THE PAPERWORK. If its written, and given to you by the lawyer to read or sign, its important. 

10. TAKE NOTES. This way you won’t forget what things you need to do in the future. This makes the lawyers life easier and if your paying hourly, keeps those fees down for you.


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