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Car Accident? Avoid the hospital!

Yes, I know it seems counter-intuitive, but unless you have a serious injury at the crash scene such that you are taken by ambulance to a hospital, going to a hospital is likely among the worst choices to make for medical care in a motor vehicle accident case. Why? First, hospitals are exempt from the Read More

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Sleazy Hotels are Actually Landlords

For those displaced by the CORONA Virus, and forced to live in “extended stay” hotels or motels, be aware that many sleazy hotel owners are abusing and violating the law by claiming they are “hotels” and have transient guests as a means to circumvent the protections of the Florida Residential Landlord & Tenant Act, Fla. Read More

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Watch out for bad Notaries!

As a practice area update, we have come across a recent rash of “bad notary” cases. These are typically cases in which it can be shown that the notary did NOT follow the proper protocol and caused someone harm as a result. The type of cases we have seen recently involve issues such as backdated Read More

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A few thoughts for 4th of July

Just wanted to point out…that in addition to the fireworks, hanging out with friends, drinking beer and getting fat on BBQ, we should all take a moment to reflect on what we are REALLY supposed to be celebrating….the rights, civil liberties and principles that our founding fathers so believed in, and so deeply cherished, that Read More

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10 things you SHOULD do when meeting your with your lawyer!

1. BE PREPARED. Bring any and all paperwork, documents, records, pictures, evidence, etc. with you. Nothing is worse than having a new client say, “OH! I have that but I left it at home.” 2. ASK QUESTIONS. Thats what the lawyers are there for. If you aren’t sure about something ask for an explanation. 3. Read More

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10 Things NOT to do when hiring a lawyer to help you on a case.

1.  DO NOT spend 30 minutes providing “background” for whats going on in your case. Believe it or not, most lawyers with even a little experience will focus right on in the major issues to figure out if you have a case, what kind of case, if they can help and the type of fee Read More

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Improper health insurance billing can ruin your PI case!

Recently a new issue has arisen in regard to treating doctors in personal injury (PI) cases attempting to avoid interacting the patients PIP/NoFault insurer by simply billing the patients health insurance directly. The problem with this is that Fla. Stat. 627.736(5) mandates that THE DOCTOR must bill the PIP carrier directly for any service from a Read More

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First blog test

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