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A few thoughts for 4th of July

Just wanted to point out...that in addition to the fireworks, hanging out with friends, drinking beer and getting fat on BBQ, we should all take a moment to reflect on what we are REALLY supposed to be celebrating....the rights, civil liberties and principles that our founding fathers so believed in, and so deeply cherished, that they not only gave their lives, and often those of their families and loved ones, to throw off the yoke of an oppressive government. While everyone celebrates today, take a minute to recognize so many of the things we enjoy and often take so lightly, when compared to the rest of the world. Do this so when our soldiers return from the middle east, often jaded by that experience, we can help them know that WE remember why they were there, even if the politicians forgot. Do this so that when other people, from other countries and cultures deride or disrespect America, WE can show them, the commitment we have to those very principles, whatever the cost, and that time and prosperity have not eroded our memory of the true expense our freedoms carry, regardless of what government is in place. But most importantly, do this so that WE can teach our children to teach theirs, how precious each and everyone one of our rights and liberties are, so that that the blood spilled and valor displayed, as reflected in our flag, will forever be equally balanced by the purity of the white. and honored in equal part by the blue background, symbolizing justice, upon which everyone one of us is relfected in the stars.

Sorry its so long, I was watching John Adams om HBO and got motivated.....I am stepping off the soapbox now


Mark Tischhauser, Esq.

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